exhale the quiet


Cry out of the silence...

 Through the still until

that hold your thoughts and,

let it be.

  Till their is able and will

to clench and mold...

 Let it be.

 Fear not the rude giants who'd

press through ill invite, fear not


 Nor the heart turned heavy,

moreover know that it will try

and think not, that it will not

press your heart...

 Be well though you quiver, for

shivers bring warmth

though cold would hold you like

a sacrifice unto a pagan god...

 Lay to rest memories upon

thoughts of

what it should have been...

  For such considerations will

drink you and take hard

swallows to hold you inside...


 Now become and see, let

it be, until...

 For it is merely darkness, an

alley's end, a told tale of space,

of place, of end...

Now begin.



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