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Ding dong goes the gong
From the church bell's steeple,
As Pastor Eddie Long
Hoodwinks his people,
Morally delirious,
With attitudes supercilious,
No one takes them serious,
These church dudes are killing us,
Their pious pretense
Lewdly... ludicrous
Is what they do to us,
From Van Nuys to the Vatican,
From Boston to Budapest,
The devils best,
Like a plague
They invade and infest
With crucifix to chest,
Piously pretending
To their congregants
One ain't the same as three,
Anyone can see
Through the lie of the trinity,
Not funny or amusing,
Church doctrine is confusing!
Children they are abusing,
Pornographic priestly pontification,
Church protected fornication,
Confession box masturbation,
Hell is their last destination,
god having a son???
A hell spawned Hallucination!
Far from idyllic
Must have gotten high
From use of psychedelics,
Sanctimonious priest
Refuse to desist and cease...
Their congregational first
Sunday of the month blood feast,
From the innards of
The belly of the beast,
In these last days
It is the way
The western wind blows,
The church a sanctuary
For pedophiles and homos,
Eddie Long, Father of the Down Low,
Baptist ministers who
Cannot seem to resist
Young men's lips or hips,
May their paths lead them
To trees with strong branches,
Evangelist, TV preachers
And the catholic Pope,
As they swing
From the end of a rope
As the wind blows

Habib Abu Lateef

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