exhale the quiet

Tears for leaving sake .

    Say less of how it angers you, moreover if you
could, give it less to fester...

       As it is, it's that which was, so much water to
a rivers groove, flowing it passes...
      Grant it that, let it move and continue through
 though it would choose to reside inside your heart and
reside, inside your heart...
          It is well with seeking to hold onto the old understandings
like a spirit living torn within the stairwells of halls and path
ways between your heart and mind, on the other side of doors you
 fear to open, in the doorways you hold open and stare down.
     love has not forsaken, what was is all that's
fallen, sever the grief that adorns you and mourns to breech an
understanding worn sore of time.

    These stories have breathe well pass their tell, the over and
overs of delays, what further will you sacrifice, have you no
rather to partial tears beneath the dark...

     Allow a season to the digger of graves, and the crypts keeper and
cry harsh tears once more for such and as much, their after let as much be beneath you...
   As it is, it is that which was.


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Tears for leaving sake .

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