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Your kind of peace

What price peace, the peace you call freedom?
Is it the dead children laid gently down into cold, cold ground.
Tell me please. Tell all of your kind of peace.
Is it so hard to look at the dead comrades
you betrayed with your kind of peace?

Perhaps it's the bodies left behind in the aftermath.
Derry, did it happen? Ballymurphy should it be forgotten?
Forgotten now by you?
Tell me what price must we pay for your kind of peace?

Okay lads follow us. We declare parity of esteem.
Follow you where? into despair?
The despair of forty years cast aside
Whilst you chase your kind of peace.

Does the silver in your palm not tell you we don't follow?
We don't want your kind of peace.
Now you're among the louts in Stormont,
Happily playing your kind of peace.

You're in cahoots with free staters.
Keep your forty pieces of silver.
Remember when you deign to walk in Belfast
we don't want your kind of peace!  

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