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 Filing an Appeal

Saturday I received State notification by mail
Voluntary quit still on record I will file appeal
Instead of pay back on 13 week disqualification
Assessed future claim may incur equal reduction

Says I left for personal reasons without good cause
Absolutely does not make any sense at all because
I completed four day assignment with the agency
Yes, later offers denied not relating to work history

Many questions why keep going through my mind
God has all the answers that He will help me find
Satan will not win this battle, God is always for me
At the cross, Jesus paid for my sin and I am set free

Is noted name change of agency a key factor involved
When in April a similar situation was already resolved
Can the State now reverse a prior documented action
Did issue arise again due to unemployment extension

God understands my tears shed as I shared on Sunday
Grateful for prayers and support of my church family
The body of Christ is called to encourage one another
In good and bad, we have a special bond like no other

Lord, guide me in financial decisions I need to make
Insurance options with pre-existing conditions at stake
I want to be a good steward of Your gracious provision
You will continue to uphold me in this time of transition

Lord, lead me throughout the appeal process day by day
Teach and show me what You have in store along the way
I feel so hopelessly lost, not knowing which direction to go
Yet in Your timing You will reveal Your perfect plan too

I seek Your wisdom as I contact the recommended attorney
If he does not know You, use me as Your light and testimony
There are questions I want to ask before filing and their impact
Would doctor's statement help or hinder with limitations as fact

Carol S. 11/6/11

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