Damaged Goods

You are a lady so why not act like one,you said right now you're just having fun.
Every man you meet know who and what you are by the end of the night.
You try to play hard and try to act quiet,
He will not take you out or buy you nice things.
Damaged goods don't cost a thing.
Funny how you are on the outside trying so hard to judge.
When your own baby daddy won't show you any love.
Poor little thing you are a sad case,Not to mention you are two faced.
Damaged goods don't even get a call the next week.
Cause when he sexed you the first night he knew that you were freak.
Blowing up his phone and he won't return any of your calls.
Stop chasing all the low life waterfalls.
Damaged goods don't cost a thing he won't even take you McDonald's let alone Burger King.
Talk to the men before you invite them to your place.
Get to know exactly what they are about before you decide to show them your sex face.
Now you are lonely at night cause you are damaged goods,You try to put others down
to make yourself feel good.
Get yourself together and catch your snap,stop riding all these ni**as laps.


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Damaged Goods

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