exhale the quiet

strange alone

 I see you...
Glancing through you,
into your eyes and out
of our mind as I'd
glide on through,
then so many steps past
you i thought to...
 Think of you and thought,
 was unkind of me and
what must you think, and
what must you tell yourself.
 Another view, mine, then yours  
So i thought to sit where
you sat and
feel you stand where i
stood then told
"take heart, and be well
in doing so", and the
words falling
fresh from my lips began
to slip
becoming all the
harder to grip...
 Like hope.
 Hard silence and sound and
  Hearing i cover, seeing
i close ears
and eyes then
 And fend to depart from
the encroaching
darkness soon to arrive...
One more rendered over
to the night,
given, surrendered to a
host of  
There you are...
Here i am...
Here you are...
There  am i, you and i
  beneath the feet of
grudging and pecking
crows, a murders feast of
discarded fare.
 None, not one cares or dares to
ventured into eyes so open.
   Too many plies...
  A complicated walk...
  A wayward son not to be
understood beyond good...
 I am too much to learn...
 A journey of concern, but it
 matters not, that is to
say i know, and for less I
 Yet even in failing I refuse,
refusing and feeling thinking
 strange, I am not a stranger
to such moments, yet as you
look through me i wish that
i were.


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strange alone

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