The soul has much to say

May you shine...

Your prayers
your dreams
Crystal clear
rivers of courage

Flowing over
jagged rocks
Uneven stones
of circumstance

The kiss of time
has made smooth
your steps
of ascendence

You piece together
a delicate puzzle
A place I call Eden
That of your soul

Witnessing ones
own rebirth
So refreshing

A teardrop  
from On High
He has made
you special

Faith in yourself
is to be respected
Faith in Almighty God
is to be admired

Loving ones self
is a stream that
becomes an ocean
of charity for all

There's much more
to share with the world
when it comes to you
but I'll step aside

So that
your light
may shine
on its own

Bette Midler - The Rose - WEB.DE Video

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May you shine...

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