once upon a time

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Just thought of something. It’s really really important.
Now what was it, O I know, it was, it was.
Let’s see, I went over there and then I put
out my hand and then. I don’t remember.
Although it seemed important when I went to do it.

Okayyyy I’ll start over. Trace the proverbial steps
from here to there. Steps retraced, hand outstretched and
nothing. Rack the leaking brain, put the metaphorical
plugs in place now what have we got.

Ahh I don’t know, it was something useful, I think.
What, Just something I used to know. Now although
it is important, my leaking brain refuses to acknowledge
me plugging the leaks. You’d think it had a mind of its own.
Right John, sit down, you went over there, to do what?
I don’t know. Just thought it was important, won’t dwell on it
Next time I think of something really really
important I’ll write it down......MAYBE

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