~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954` 
  `Princess Of Aloha`

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 `*~*`PRINCE FROGGY & MISS TURTLE {My Valentine Fable}`*~*`

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`*~*`PRINCE FROGGY & MISS TURTLE {My Valentine Fable}`*~*`

Mr Frog And Miss Turtle Come To Visit
My Garden Each Day
In Warm Sunshine Among My Flowers
They Wish To Play,
Mr Froggy He Loves To Tease
Miss Turtle's Slow Crawl
As He Hops High Through The Rows
Of Sun Flowers So Tall...

Seeing Me Sitting On My Bench
With Writing Pen In Hand
Looking At Me As If To Say
Make Me A Prince Of The Land
So I Can Kiss Miss Turtle Into
Becoming A Princess True
Taking Her To Be With Me
In My Castle Built New...

Hopping Onto My Bench With
A Twinkle In His Eye So Bright
Straining To See What My
Magical Pen Did Write...

`Hello` My Friend,
How Are You This Day?
Would You Like To Visit
Miss Turtle Today?
She Is In The Flower Bed
Anxiously Waiting To Play...

"I Would Like For You
To Use Your Magic Pen, Says He
Turning Me Into Prince Charming
Of Five Foot Ten To Be
In Order To Kiss Miss Turtle
Into My Princess 0f Love
So We Can Dance And Sing
Under Heavenly Stars Above...

Your Wish My Dear Froggy Friend,
Is My Command Says I
But You Must Promise To Never
Make Miss Turtle Cry
Now Close Your Eyes As I
Blow You A Kiss To Arrive
Oh My, My Pen's Magic
Delivered A Wonderful Surprise...

May I Keep You In My Garden
Forever Within My Power
I Want You To Share In My
Garden's Mystical Shower
When Miss Turtle Turns Into
Your Princess It Shall Be Me
Thank You Dear Froggy For
Requesting Your Wish To Be...

Frog Turtle Outdoor Garden Statue  Yard Decor Figurine Pictures, Images and Photos

`Inspired By My Friend's Love
Of Beautiful Flower Gardens
Of Hanging Baskets!


*2010*~all rights reserved
`Mary Jane's Poetry`
`Never Ending Circle Of Love`

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