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A poem about me

A poem about me

My self in my own words
Is the cognisant energy,
Is a point of light in the middle
Of my forehead, a sparkling light,

I am the conscious energy,
This is sitting inside me
Controls me in every action,
I like to call it as an intellect,

I behave like a child many times
When my mind wanders around ,
Like a wild horse and tells me to do
Things, but my intellect analyses it.

My habits are developed over the time
When my mind behaves like a child and
Asks me to do the same thing again and again,
I listened to my mind without the help of intellect,
And intellect becomes silent & I develop the habit.

During these years I developed the habit
Of going in silence and asked me the question
Who am I? Soon I received the answer
I am the conscious energy, the spirit.
I am the master of all my actions.
I the conscious energy & it is my spirit.
Once this energy leaves me
I will become perishable.

ŠAdikaran 16/12/09