once upon a time

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I'm sitting here enjoying the comfort of my chair,
Resting my bones after a hard day down the dole.
Working the system takes real effort.
Them people out there call me bone idle.
They should see how hard it is working the system.
Bloody hard remembering all the tales you gotta tell.

Now were was I? Okay back in front of my fire scheming.
Kids need school clothes, get a grant, not a loan
Have to pay a loan back. Idleness is next to godliness.
Sounds good, having the big yin on your side.
Put some coal on the fire. Who me, woman? I'm busy.
No you're not you're bone idle. That's the thanks you get
For standing scheming in a dole queue all day.

I'm outa here going down the pub where all the workers hang out.
Get a few pointers on how to screw the dole.
Hard work this bone idle lark.
Him over there in the suit, I'll sidle up to him.
He looks as if he knows how to work the system.
Hi mate any ideas on how to work the system?
Naw mate I just work in the dole.
Unlike yous I'm a worker and I'm skint.

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