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You are now spiritually well,
Knowing inside Jesus does dwell;
I pray that you remain healthy,
Being spiritually wealthy.

Happiness is when believers,
See that you are not deceivers;
Because simply as I have heard,
You are living as in the Word.

For all the faith that you do show,
Continues the blessings to flow;
Whatever you happen to do,
With each and every day through.

It is encouraging to me,
That your love is just like a sea;
Abundantly flowing like a wave,
Splashing those who in need to save.

That proves you belong to the Lord,
Showing He is loved and adored;
So when your time here will be done,
He will call you His faithful Son.

Greater joy have I none than this,
That you have a spiritual bliss;
Since you know the truth is in you,
And everything you speak is true.

So we therefore we welcome such,
That are filled with the love so much;
As we support believers who,
Are spreading the Word each day through.

Copyright 2011 Richard Newton Sherrer

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