once upon a time

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Lets pretend

Lets pretend that we love everyone.
What happens then?  Okay we’re only pretending.
But lets pretend you do love our fellow man.
Come on lets pretend even when we murder you
that we love you.

Lets pretend that when Jesus walked
the land he loved you. Then we crucified him.
Let’s pretend you loved him then and now.
Come on its great fun pretending, you get away
with executions. Look at governments, Vatican city
they confess to love us all. They are the great pretenders.
Remember it’s all only pretend, you can do whatever you want

Must be true we kill and kill pretending we do it for
justice. Why do we pretend to love our fellow man
as that Jesus fellow spoke about?   We pretended to listen,
then you all heard the shout crucify him and we did.
I love this pretending to love, when all we believe in is cruelty.
It is true, we're asked by governments to ignore our humanity.

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