once upon a time

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The traditional Christmas, decorations, tree and
Of course, merry good cheer.
All the family gathered round raising a toast,
Ruddy faces reflecting the birth of Jesus.
Only for Gods sake.
We won't mention the homeless.

Wouldn't do to spoil our merry cheerful day,
Caring, sharing with those less fortunate.
Tut, Tut. Come on now.
Don't ruin the day with your bah humbug attitude.
Carve me a chunk of that turkey breast.
Noticed those useless buggers on TV.
Get a job I say.

After all it's Christmas Day.
Can't be bothered with all the misery out there.
Pass the cognac. There's a good fellow.

Drinking contaminated water. No father or mother.
Certainly no Santa Claus.
Curled up in hunger watching
as another child's body's carried away.
Although love is the food of life
it cannot fill an empty belly
Pity is lots of innocent children
throughout our world have a bah Humbug Christmas.
Have a merry cheerful ‘bloody' good Christmas day.
Love is all around!Reach out,
the children of the world need a hug.

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