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Christmas Awakening

Christmas Awakening
He worked all night and got home really early
Then he set everything out before the kids began stirring
He kissed momma good bye as she left for her shift
Then he sat down with his coco and began to sip
As he began to dose the kids began to awake
At what seemed to him to be just about day break
But it was only eight, and momma was off at nine
So he made a little breakfast to occupy our time
By the time we were all cleaned up momma was at the door
And we had all the presents separated on the floor
Momma past each gift out one by one
Daddy usually waits until everyone is done
When all the gifts are open and all are satisfied
He would open his gift with joy in his eyes
But this time as we finished and we stopped to look around
When it was daddy's turn he could not be found
We ran from room to room calling out his name
Momma went outside doing the same
As she came inside, she began to weep
Holding back her tears she said daddy fell asleep
At first we all laughed I didn't understand
Until momma walked over and took me by the hand
She started to explain then burst out into tears
He wanted this to be the best Christmas we had in years
He had a secret gift we never imagined we would get
Daddy had been outside putting up our new swing set
He worked so hard to buy it, 12 hours a day 6 days a week
Besides the odd jobs he did to provide food to eat
But if I could I would gladly trade it away
To make sure daddy was awake through Christmas day
The best gift I could receive I already had
The joy, comfort, and security of a loving dad
J. Moore

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Christmas Awakening