once upon a time

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You know I thought about writing this
A poem concerning bricklayers.
These type of construction workers
are grist to the mill of the industry.
Erecting the building from foundations up.

I would reckon they are a very strange breed of people.
Not only do you find them all around the world.
They're the biggest bunch of drifters in the game.
That may not seem very strange to you.
But when you go on a site in Belfast,
it's haven't seen you in awhile.
Ach I was in Germany, or Australia.

Funny thing is these bunch of guys
never talk about the weather.
Everyone else does.
All they ask is if the money was any good.
Daren't tell them it is.
Next thing you hear they're in Australia.
Very strange bunch.
Here's me working and drifting.
Chasing the money around the same sites.
Building bricks for forty two years.
Interesting job this bricklaying lark.


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