The soul has much to say

Your joy


the day
you and I
first met

Many celestial thoughts
to ponder
It felt like the sun
was born within me

My life redefined
To hold you
until I
fly away

Feeling that feeling
That first touch
of your hand

My heart didn't race
It slowed as if to say "I'm home"
The death of my past
arrived that moment

Your softness
caged my madness
My strength cradled
your porcelain frame

Dreaming those dreams
The ones that made
your tender heart flutter
while I held you at night

Hearing you whisper
in angelic tongue
Delicate declarations
ending in "I love you"

I...and I alone
guard visions of us
Times that were created
solely for us

The anniversary
of your rebirth
will soon be here
God and His blue butterfly

During a Christmas season
not long ago
became yours

My heart has been blessed...ever since

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Your joy

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