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Today I had heard of some totally outrageous actions
That the remains from many U.S. military personnel
That had been cremated were deposed of in a landfill

Their families had asked the military to bury them
It was suppose to be done in a very dignified manner
With a respectable and an honorable funeral service

But the liberal bureaucrats had decided to cut corners
To save time and not spend money for a proper funeral
They overrided the military to do things their own way

So instead of getting a proper military funeral service
These former warriors who had served our nation loyally
Had their ashes dumped in a landfill like common garbage

As though they had never existed here on planet earth at all
They viewed them as if they were garbage to be tossed out
With no regard or respect to who they were or their service

Congress needs to investigate such an unthinkable action
They need to find those who were responsible and fire them
And bring all possible legal actions to bear against them

How unbelievable their actions were to the family members
They thought their loved ones had a proper military funeral
And that all of the proper procedures were accorded to them

Some were just to old to travel some were to poor as well
But they all had thought that there was a military funeral
They never knew their loved ones were dumped out as garbage

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

What a great Liberal Administration we now have in Washington DC,
everyone of them should be banned from ever serving this nation
again in any capacity whatsoever. They give trillions of dollars
away to everyone, even our enemies but they can't or won't show
any respect for those who have served and protected our nation.
So tell me now, is this the hope and change that you voted for?

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