once upon a time

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many faces
lots of crazy places in this city, any City.
plenty of  people crying, needing acceptance..
Many faces looking sad, seeking
hope in this restless, reckless  place.
Lot's of people with no pity in their faces.
Pick a face, any one will be you, or who you want to be.
Don't expect sincerity, remember in this City, most
people are other people. Lots of changes, big blue fish. and
fancy expensive tributes to a changeling city.
Turn around ignore that face, not from around
here. Nothing has changed; inhumanity in the city
still remains the same. This is the place of many faces.
Wander the city streets bright lights, push through
jostling crowds, remembeingr times when no one was around.
This is the city of many faces, today the one it wears is
awareness of change, but don't be fooled when surrounded
with glowing faces. Belfast remains the same,
It adopts many faces.

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