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I Think I'll Write about Her

I think I'll Write about Her
Sitting here working out
What I should write about
What to say when the flow stops
And  I'm experiencing writers block
So I think about my life  where it is now
Happy and content so I think about how
I think I'll write about her my lady Stephanie
My love, my queen who brings out the best in me
I'm back up on her pedestal, there by the grace of God
Recommitted to the Lord  He has given us the nod
We are going forward now with a new destination
Reaching for that higher calling with no limitations
I believe she was sent to me
To show me what I'm meant to be
Took some time for me to learn
Often times I crashed and burned
But the love she has for me
Has broke my chains and set me free
Tell me friend what you would do
If this gift was given to you
If I had time I could write on
Because now my writers block is gone
J. Moore

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I Think I`ll Write about Her