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The moon and stars up in the sky
Does shine down upon us when we cry
They sadly know the reason why
we cried
As they felt our hearts hurt
when love died
We have shared our love
under starry skies above
While stars twinkled brightly
approving of our love
They witnessed the wild desires
 beating within our hearts

When we did promise that forever
we would never ever part
Soft moonlight guided our steps
as we walked along
Shining moonbeams upon our love
to make it strong
Hand in hand we strolled for
many romantic miles
On the shore where moonbeams
shone as smiles
Now I have lost your love
and miss you so
Why oh why did you really
have to go!



When my heart is lonely
for missing you
I look up to Spirit Wishing Star
in the blue
I seek guidance for you to know
I am in your heart
To unburden any hardships you may
have troubling your soul
I may be a stranger to you in life
but my heart you do behold
My spirit of thoughts travels along
with you in whatever you may do
Listen closely to your heart my love
and you will find me there loving you
Hold me in your heart and soul look
 to 'Father Sky' upon the spirit stars
 up in the blue
I will come to you and together
we shall ride the smokey clouds far
into the universe of eternal dreams
Forever I will be a part of you
in your heart and soul
when you are in need to feel
true love under silver moonbeams

I shall be with you then in your heart
'this my love` is my promised prayer
to Spirit Wishing Star!

``Enchantingly Yours``



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