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In memoriam for my wife, so recently lost.  The pain of her loss is so intense and I feel so lonely in spite of all the caring loving friends.

For better or for worse, yes we did that bit
Loads of happiness mixed in with the rest of it
Married so quickly didn't know each other very well
Cat and dogs through periods of almost sheer hell
But with our love we came through
Learned to adjust the way that you do.

For richer or for poorer though not as bad as many.
Money may have been short but never not any
Proud of our kids we watched them grow
Until before we knew it they were ready to go
Both of them now with successful lives
Successful careers families and wives.

In sickness and in health, yes that was ok,
Back on our own to do things our way.
We had some years to do things at our leisure
Ten years for things that gave both pleasures
And then you were trapped in your cancer cell
And watching you go was my living hell.

'Til death us do part
When you lost your brave fight
And while I was sleeping
Slipped away in the night
And I lost my partner
Lover friend and wife
But you'll live in my mind
For the rest of my life

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