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 Telephone Hearing and Decision

The telephone hearing was last Monday
With the Judge and employment agency
My two witnesses had limited testimony
He noted as irrelevant second-hand hearsay

My voice was not good during the phone call
Everyone had difficulty in hearing me overall
I submitted my doctor's note as documentation
The agency was not aware of my voice condition

The agency submitted detailed documentation
Including low test scores on skills evaluation
Jobs offered I declined and policy from handbook
All were thoroughly discussed with a closer look

The Judge started with me since I was the claimant
I was limited to what I could say as being relevant
Explained I completed the assignment with the agency
Not recalling the 24 hour rule, but I did call on Tuesday

Later, the Judge asked agency for various clarifications
The 24 hours was restated as business day designation
He also questioned abbreviations used on job history
Other times my testimony did not match their story

The biggest issue became job offers I had declined
Reasons I gave at the time were not clearly defined
Most were early hours or receptionist jobs in nature
Not very compatible with my voice condition for sure

The fact I did not accept any jobs that were available
Led to his decision for repay of benefits I am liable
Modified from 13 to 12 weeks from July legislation
Later I calculated 9 weeks I received compensation

I would have 10 days to appeal or 30 to file a petition
But I do not sense the matter worth reconsideration
God did not forsake me with His answer to prayer
He always has a reason and knows burdens I bare

Amount I owe I assume will be sent by mail notification
Legal terms I do not understand may affect determination
But I view reduced penalty alone as evidence of His plan
A blessing in disguise my needs He provides by His hand

Carol S. 12/17/11

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