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Kris ~ Dreamweaver's Tips

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NEW EDITOR is a very advanced EDITOR and it can allow Paste, Paste as Plain Text and Paste from word by 3 buttons on the top
It can also copy/cut and paste any pictures from anything on the internet (observe the copy right law) and then can position. See the example here as the text is copied from word and picture from POETRY POEM copied and pasted bellow.

This was copied and pasted by selecting by high lighting then CTRL+C to copy it then in the Edit Window of the New Editor CTRL+V or the PASTE button on the top will paste the picture as well as any text. I hope this helps. THERE IS NO NEED TO GO IN SOURCE WINDOW TO COPY/CUT AND PASTE. There are complications in going to SOURCE window and back to EDIT window.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver



The PERPLE SWIRL theme for the Home Page is available to PPP(Poetry Prime Poets/ad free poets)

from the New Edit Window with EDIT HOME PAGE button. 

Theme: Red Globe | Traditional | Spotlight | Transparent Globe
Global | Blue | Silver | Basic Blue | Modern | Fast
Theme: Red Globe | Traditional | Spotlight
Transparent Globe | Global | Blue | Purple Swirl | Silver
Basic Blue | Modern | Fast

IMPORTANT: Copy the Home Page code using the Old Editor and save it in case you lose code  for your Home Page when you use New Editor for the Purple Swirl Home Page theme. Restore using Old Editor (Yellow button) if you lose code in using the New Editor for the Home Page. 


I love the short form PPP for Poetry Prime Poets, formally known as ad-free poets and PPP of PP even sounds better. LOL

One of the PERKS of being PPP is the NEW EDITOR. Until now you had to know HTML Code or JAVA Script to take full advantage of Multi-Media features and make your poem stand out among Plain Text Poem Presentation.

Good presentation of a poem is like framing a picture. It makes the picture look great. Mind you, making your frame so beautiful that the picture looks dull defeats the purpose of presenting the picture and the frame steals the show.

Making the page full of amazing things will make your poem take a second place and readers will remember the amazing decorations and videos on your page with a poem but will not remember the poem.

Not many poets realize this. Who will remember the words of a poem when The King Elvis is performing for you on the same page?!!! Just my thoughts why I never put a video with my poem. I want the readers to remember my poem when they leave my site and not someone else's art work or a performance on a video clip.
Back to the NEW EDITOR, those PPP poets with no knowledge of Coding, try the NEW EDITOR and you will see that it is as easy as using a WORD-PROFESSOR. Read my Guide to help you use it. PP is going to prepare a VIDEO TIP for the NEW EDITOR and that will be a great help.
MONIQUE, TONY and CREW, thanks for rewarding the loyal PPP who are helping PP to remain free for all the poets by sponsoring to remove the advertisements from their site. Let me remind once more that paying to remove ad is a compensation for the lose of revenue by not having Ad on their site. Like other poets PPP still have their sites free of any charges.
Take care,
Kris ~ Dreamweaver

dreamweaver Home page


Sign up form to join Poetrypoem.com has changed.

Please confirm your information.
Please Confirm Email:
Please Confirm Password:
Please reenter verification code:
You must be at least
13 years old to use this site SignUp Now>>

Previous form gave you an option to select your Site ID or your Screen Name that becomes a part of your Site Address making a link to your site as:
www.poetrypoem.com/Your Site Id.

PoetryPoem automatically provides you with a Site ID.
As an example Site ID poet3024 was given to the new poet Stacyjean Summer. I urged her to change her site ID to reflect her personality and she changed it to stacyjean and a link to her site became
the Site ID poet3024 is given to another new poet Koray Feyiz.

If the new poets keep their automatically given Site ID there is nothing wrong with it except there are already hundreds of such Site ID with poet****. poetic****, author***** etc and addition of more numbered Site IDs will make it very confusing to distinguish one site from another with all the Site Ids with numbers. Though they all are different and unique to remember who is who will be very difficulty so if you want to stand out from the crowd you have to select a Site ID that stands out among all the numbered Site ID. Use your god given poetic skill to select a suitable Site ID to reflect your personality and your Identity. Changing your Site ID when you are just starting will be the right time to do. Later on you will be established and well known by your Site ID and changing it might confuse your readers and you might lose your loyal reader base. I hope this helps all the new poets.
Site Title is NOT UNIQUE still select it matching to your Site ID.
Happy New Year.
Love and peace.
Kris ~ Dreamweaver
dreamweaver Home page


Inside your control panel click on MY on the top line
Click on Site ID in the drop down menu.
Select new Site ID and submit.

or click on icon Edit Profile.
then on right hand side
click on Change Sitename/Site ID
select a new Site ID and submit.

Your site ID will be changed.
NOW change your Home Page by correct link using new Site ID.


Here is a way to find offending word or character triggering the filter.
Copy the text in an Editor like Text Editor or WORD.
Select half the text and post it. If it triggers then Do the half again otherwise post the other half of the full text.
Dividing the text by two each time you can see which half has the offending word. As the posted text gets smaller and smaller it comes closer and closer until you find the offending word or character.
I use this systematic method of Binary Division and pinpoint the offending word. I hope this helps in posting.
Love and Peace,
Kris ~ Dreamweaver
dreamweaver Home page



Majority of spammers want to advertise their company, product or services without paying the website they are spamming in. Website like PoetryPoem can provide free services to Poets only if they get enough money from the adverts. Ad-free poets help PP by compensating them for the loss of revenue by removing adverts from the ad-free sites. One should never take this compensation to be a fee to have their Poetry Site on PP. PP provides free of charge sites to all the poets including ad- free poets.

Sponsors do help PP by paying for advertising their sites on PP. It helps PP a lot.

Spammers harm PP by advertising on PP without paying as well as harm poets by causing nuisance in their feedback and Guestbook. Spamming might have active link to take you to a site or to infect your computer with a virus or a spy-ware. NEVER CLICK ON A LINK IN A SPAM. Best thing to defeat the spammers is to delete it as soon as you see it. Spammers get more readers by spamming in your guestbook so keep an eye on your guestbook and delete it as soon as you see them.

PP is fighting spammers and we can help by deleting the spam. Let PP know that you are getting spam in your feedback and/or guestbook but there is no need to send the spam to PP. It will be Double Spamming! Posting the spam on your POETRY SITE or on the NOTICE BOARD is helping the spammers so DO NOT RE-POST SPAM YOU GET IN FEEDBACK AND/OR GUESTBOOK on your site or on the notice board..
I hope this helps you as well as PP in the fight against SPAMMERS.

You can call spammers low life creatures but it will not deter them. Deleting the spam as soon as you see them is the best way to fight them.
Love and Peace
Kris ~ Dreamweaver
dreamweaver Home page

NOTE: There are other ways of spamming where you cannot delete the spam. Anyone can open a site here and then can use the site for spamming on the site, on the message board, friend's page etc. In that case report that site to PP.

Hi, Welcome to PoetryPoem.com

This is the best Poetry Site on the Internet and you can promote your poems from PoetryPoem in many ways. Let me throw some light on Promotion of Poetry on PoetryPoem.com

First of all, you have joined PoetryPoem where you can publish your poems on line free of charge.
For better presentation you can remove the adverts by compensating PP by a small amount. Please, remember that publishing your poem on PP from your own site is still free. Here is how you remove advert from your site.
On your Home-page or Welcome page under the Drop down menu is a bar saying

"Remove ads from your Name"

Click on this Bar. Follow the instruction and you will have ads removed from your site.

Second way to promote your poetry is to advertise on PoetryPoem. Log in to your site and in the Control Panel, click on the Icon "PROMOTION MANAGER" follow the instruction and create your advert and pay for the promotion. It is as simple as that.

Have your poems published in Text CD to be played on any computer with Windows. Great way to promote your poetry.

I will post this on my site for other new poets so that they can read and take advantage by promoting their poems on PoetryPoem.com.

I hope this helps.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver

dreamweaver Home page

Thank you Kris

Kris ~ Dreamweaver's Tips



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