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Like rain on a parade,
Put a stop to the charade,
Falling from the sky,
A promenade of lies,
Even a blind man can see
there is nothing between you and me,
You wouldn't know the truth
if you were handcuffed to it.
If your life depended upon telling it,
You couldn’t do it,
You and honestly are incompatible...
Don't have time to battle you!
Let’s drop the charade and pretence...
Marriage with you was worse
Than a prison sentence,
More body than a rhinoceros
Hairy, with bad skin from Psoriasis,
Body fat but not like Crisco,
More like lard...
As big as a heifer in a barn yard,
I can't believe you,
Really want me to take you back?
You must have lost your mind
Or either you are high on crack.


Habib Abu Lateef


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