once upon a time

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How do I view time. Is it simply there?
Or do I think of all the past times I enjoyed?
Is that what being here is all about?
Don't believe so. Guess I just don't know.
One thing I do know is that I have only this time.

What happened to me in 2011? How did I spend my time?
Watched a child born in far off Australia.
Buried a well-loved brother back in Ireland.
I can't take time for granted.
Did I fall in love during that time? Yep I know I did.
A wee child called Lilyana captured my heart.
How can I take time for granted? I can't.
This past year was not a dress rehearsal. It's real time.

This is the circle of life. Liyana born in October 2010.
Joy and sorrow show's time is precious.
If I waste my time I cannot reclaim it.
It's on loan to me to use wisely.
Loving is the reality of time.
Parting and rebirth are all part of living,
As I grow older and fade away I take heed of time.
I ask myself if I used my time wisely.
If I answer that question honestly to myself,
then I must answer 'yes'.
Love and faith are the meaning of time for me.

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