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No Snow For Christmas

The snow is missing for Christmas this year
Weatherman says sunny skies in his forecast
It's strange no snow with Christmas so near
But you never can tell weather changes fast

But here in Michigan we have this old saying
Don't like the forecast then just wait a bit
Without any notice the trees will be swaying
That's when bitter cold winds & snow will hit

Just when you think for once it will be nice
And that you won't be fighting the deep snow
A blizzard arrives with a ton of snow & ice
And old man winter will be laughing you know

For one more time he's tricked all of us again
He's covered everything with ice & a foot of snow
Digging out of this mess is another great pain
While all the artic winds from the north blow


  Terry Sasek - All Rights Reserved.

Sometimes I really, really hate winter, especially the snow & Ice!

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No Snow For Christmas