Tattoos in Mayberry

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I have a problem with money. It may have started off as a good idea, but eventually, like
death or taxes, it bury's most of us.
like a cheating lover or spouse. Or errant children.
 Unlike a cow. a Macaw, or a sheep,
it can be tracked, when counterfeited.
used as a weapon. We chase it, and it never seems to satiate when we have
tracked it down. It can be stockpiled,
hoarded, compounded. devalued, inflated and is used to
get people to do things they may not be willing to do or otherwise  
consider doing. Money is played against other currencies.
There are those in the money game. Although it isn't like any other game I'm aware of.
The rules are constantly changing, and unlike other games,  except Monopoly,
 you can really go to jail if you
siphone off someone else's money or make a claim to their property.
or if you carry, or transport too much of it
launder it.
If a money rule is broken, like fraud, or theft, if you have enough money,
you can pay a stiff penalty of money in
damages to the injured party, in lieu of prison time. Money can corrupt.
They say time is money. But, I say, my time would then become a blood sport.
 Money can be a benchmark of your value while you are here on earth. Your legacy,
left to
your descendants, after death, since,your you can't directly spend any of it
after you die..
Money can buy you affection, but not true love. Though, from what I have
seen you can lease love with the option to own.
There are checks,personal and traveller, money orders, cash, debit cards, cash cards,
gift cards,
credit cards, debentures, stocks and bonds of
all sorts. There is appreciation and depreciation of value. Value of anything can be
converted into money. If you don't believe me, an Insurance company called Lloyds of London.
insured Liberace's piano fingers for lots of money while he was still alive.
There are buyouts, buy ins. Leveraged and otherwise.
There are pension plans, IRA's 401K's Keogh plans, life insurance cash values. Accidental
death and dismemberment double indemnity clauses. A brutally ugly way to have a check cut
to you or your heirs.
Lawsuits, class action, litigation, lump sum settlements, unemployment and disability
pensions. Long and short term disability insurance plans. Inheritance money. Land trusts.
rentals,loans, grants, fast cash, Almost everything can be bought or sold. and has a value

attached to it. Labor can be converted to cash. There are hard goods, software, silver, gold
copper, oil, pork bellies,crops, antiques, books, art, furniture, Samurai Swords. They say
money makes the world go round. Would money go away if the world stopped spinning?
Would we all just fall into space. On the up side,
we wouldn't have to pay a large fee take a trip into space.
 Buddy Bee Anthony

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