once upon a time

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Everyone agrees we don't own anyone.
When we find a woman to love, then love
dictates she is mine forever, to embrace.
Love waited for the ice to melt in my heart.
One glance was enough, I fell in love.

Love and life we're living as one. With her
I shall end my days, forever in love.
I find in her, sanctuary from the world. We are one
This woman of mine if I treat her well she shall never go.
Don't sit back, and watch the show, do the right thing.
Then you will never ask yourself why she had to go.
This woman mine, I belong to her, we are one in love.

One mind one heart, ain't nobody's else's
business, but our own. We love each other, simple
of course, not. We all need to work at love, so easily
the frost can return, then the ice forms around your heart.
Breaks us apart, don't let that happen to the love in your heart.
Stay as one, use the sanctuary of being as one, forever in love.

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