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There are some people in this world of ours
That are just merely fools on their best days
And they make it so easy for everyone to see

You almost want to feel sorry for these fools
Maybe it was just the way they had been raised
They really didn't have any clues in their life

They couldn't stand us saying they were fools
So they would then go way out of their own way
To prove to everyone else around they weren't

And sure enough they would prove to everyone
That they really weren't merely fools after all
And they went ahead and proved it to everyone

Then by opening their mouths and shouting out
They proved to everyone beyond any doubt at all
They were misunderstood and were merely morons

By screaming and shouting at us Vietnam Veterans
They were indeed irritating to say the very least
But when you strike a veteran only God will save you

Terry Sasek - Always A Warrior - all rights reserved.

Morons were always there protesting and screaming
about things that they really knew very little about
and they certainly never had their facts right in way,
shape or form. They came each day and at night as well
to join in the protesting just for the sake protesting.
They'd gather with other morons like themselves trying
to prove to the world that they are the only ones who
were right in life and if you didn't agree with their
views then they were against you too and whatever you
stood for in life. If you just happen to be a veteran
who had fought to protect the very same freedoms they
used and enjoyed to protest your beliefs and actions,
then you were nothing more than a killer for hire who
loved to kill those poor innocent communist who were
trying to take over South Vietnam by force and they
believed in their own feeble minds that we especially
enjoyed killing civilians and little children. These
morons and their chants still ring in my ears late at
night and their images flash through my mind over and
over again as we were coming out of the main entrance
of Travis AFB at two o'clock in the morning to catch
the city bus to the airport to get our flights home
to go on a 30 day leave after returning from Vietnam.
The protesters yelled and screamed at us as we were
crossing the street, then a couple of young women ran
up to us and asked if we were returning from Vietnam.
We weren't ready for what happened next when one of
them who looked like she was expecting a baby any day
said Well this is one baby you'll never kill and then
someone behind her suddenly threw a container of what
turned out to be some old ox blood they gotten from a
butcher down the front of my new dress uniform. Right
then it took nearly every ounce of fiber I had in my
body not to attack the moron who threw that container
of old blood down the front of my uniform and smelled
worse than the spray from a mean old skunk. But then
as I was struck from behind by someone else with one
of their protest signs, I totally lost it then and I
did defend myself from the actions of these morons.
The base security police and some civilian Policemen
ran over to help us and to arrest those who had taken
part in the assault on us, we were then taken back to
the base to get cleaned up and get changed and later
on that morning we were escorted out to the airport
in San Francisco so as to avoid anymore protesters
so we could catch different flights home since we'd
already missed our own flights to our homes towns.
This was our welcome home from the war and thanks
to a reception party of these Californian moron's in
the early morning hours of hours November 1969, I'll
never forget how we were welcomed home from Vietnam
or how some morons had the nerve to stoop so low as
to assault returning U.S. troops coming home Vietnam.
Some today will swear that no one ever yelled or spit
on American warriors returning home from war and that
this is merely an urban legend started by the Vietnam
Veterans themselves for pity, well I not only know it
was not and is not merely an urban legend, because I
and many other veterans I personally know all had bad
experiences in late 1969 and on until the end of the
war in Vietnam.

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