once upon a time



Fancy a drink,ach don't know, what the heck,
why not, I'm Mr. alkie-hall. You an alkie, who me, no,
what makes you ask. Ach just that you're always
drunk, no I'm not, I like a drink that's all.
Okay, so they call you Mr. alkie-hall for fun.

Yeah that's right, nothing wrong with a drink at
six in the morning, is there. You tell me, you're
Mr. alkie-hall. Nope, I honestly can't see what's
wrong, whether it's six in the morning or six at night.
Buy me a drink and I'll tell you everything's alright.
I live alone, like it that way; I'm Mr. alkie-hall. Now
leave me alone to get drunk, I'm apart from you all.

The name is, Mr. alkie-hall, standing here in the pub
getting drunk on my own. Turn the music on, bright lights
and a drink in my hand no care's.  Stumbling down the road
where to go, don't know, I live alone, travel many long
cheerless roads. Drinking drives a hard bargain. All it
costs is your soul. If you see me on the road, and ask me
am I Mr. Alkie-hall Ill tell you no, like a drink that's all.

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