once upon a time

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Is it worthwhile being  loved, needed and cherished?
It all seems worthwhile,  until reality kicks in. 
And you see you are no longer yourself.
The person you were disappeared when your paths crossed.  
Suddenly you felt alive.

Entangled in doubt now, trying to find a way out.
It seemed a clear pathway, but where are you?
Nowhere it seems.
Holding the reins through the ruins of my life.
When I glance askance I see myself clearly now. I’m only his wife.

I need, i want to return to me. Sick and tired of this life.
Where is the love I cherished?  Lost to lies and deceit.
Is it worthwhile falling in love?  Lots of people never do.
Just as well, when you look at were it brought you.

Love is a nowhere road when you lose self.
Walking away now, not looking back.
Suitcase of memories gripped in my hand.
I have to go back and reunite with myself.

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