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Life Story # 11

It is hard to believe that this full grown man
He is all alone running around Disneyland
He has no kids, he has no wife
What is the story with this guys life
Usually this is a family affair
But smiling and laughing like he doesn't care
Maybe because a year ago this time
He was in a doctors office loosing his mind
You have a year to live is what he heard
So stunned, so shocked he didn't say a word
A million thoughts run through his mind
All of the things he would have done if he only had time
Career oriented all of his life
He had no time for kids or wife
There was money to be made, big deals and such
Chasing the dream lead him so out of touch
As he sat in that office he added up the cost
To be the big guy, the head honcho, the boss
Then subtracted the difference between joy and pain
And realized it was not at all a fair exchange
When it is all said and done all he did was exist
No son to teach, no daughter to kiss
No wedding photos, or home movies to view
If given a second chance, the things he would do
Today he celebrates as he has done all year long
His opportunities to right the things done wrong
Today is the day the shouldn't have come
From this point on he will  live everyone
Tomorrow is a mystery, who knows what it will bring
So today he will play, he will laugh,  and he will sing
Have you ever considered the opportunities you have today
How would you feel if  they were all taken away
J. Moore

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Life Story # 11