~*`Welcome To 'My Never Ending Circle Of Love`*~... ..`By `Janie/mjfb1954` 
  `Princess Of Aloha`

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The Holy Bible Pictures, Images and Photos

My Dear friends, Cisslyn and Kathy,
How gracious for both of you
to acknowledge my participation
here on PP in enjoying
all of you who are loyal members of PP..
My heart grows fonder each day
for our PP Family and whenever possible,
I like to convey goodwill to everyone,
for as the Lord Commands,
Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You!
Sometimes this command backfires,
 but with the Grace of God
all is amendable in Good Time
if we faithfully live
by the Golden Rule of Life!
Cisslyn, I have learned a lot
from being your friend, thank-you,
through the Scriptures You and Kathy
bring to us each day,
it has enriched my life
into being a lot more compassionate
due to my personal life of endurances.
`Thanks also for your `Congratulations`
on my poem reading count,
it is sort of `mind`boggling`
that it has reached into the millions,
however I cannot take credit
for the wide distribution of readers,
which truly all goes to
 PP's Poetry Site, and its management
which is viewed world wide,
where many readers are not PP Members
but do enjoy our Poetry as a whole,
so thanks to Monique, Tony, Crew Members,
voluntary top/adviser Kris/ Dreamweaver
and all PP Members who make this
The Very Best Poetry Site Ever,
without it, we would not be read at all..


Please enjoy this video, as ~Thanks for all you and others
have brought into my life by being a Member here:
God's Blessings to all
with love and my fondest aloha hugs!



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