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She's Struggling to Believe

She's struggling to believe
It's hard
enlightening someone's eyes
who can't discern the need,
Oh how my heart grieves
for her through the night skies
I tried brightening her sight
but she refuses to fight
the throngs drawing her cries,
She's been softly deceived

She's in this blurry scene
Oh wishful thinking is vicious and mean
Only if she could see what I've seen
The newborns are so green,
Look into her eyes
when she hears lies,
The horns exploit her beams
while she's searching in the dim light
Death shows up
and kisses her heart right,
All hope dies
with her dreams
Oh how my heart bleeds
Things are hard now
but please don't leave
You survived another night
but she's struggling to believe
Oh only if we could change places,
Take her throngs upon me
and swap the expressions
on our faces
so she could relieve
the painful cries
But my wishes keep telling me lies
while I look deep into her eyes,
So many cages
impeding her needs
She's struggling to believe
Oh how my heart grieves
I wish we could turn back the pages
and explose the bad seed
to make her wise
I'm listening to her cries
while she struggles to believe

Copyrights 2011
Robert Anthony James

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She`s Struggling to Believe