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 Reasons to Celebrate

New Year's Eve celebrated with new friends
Then at midnight we toasted the new year in
Tapping glasses together to grape juice only
Non-alcoholic beverages served at the party

Evening started about six with food then games
Small group less than twelve, better all the same
With most men downstairs and four ladies together
Gave freedom in getting to know each other better

Even though I had not met the host before last night
Our bond of faith in God was evident and came to light
Bible Trivia questions allowed for opportunity to share
Personal trials from our life, encouragement, and prayer

I also had the privilege of sharing my gift of poetry
Explaining how God opened that door of opportunity
We took turns reading a poem from my published book
After I passed it around so they could have a closer look

Apart from the party, another reason I celebrated yesterday
I had completed my online A/P class earlier that same day
It was a goal I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year
I know God helped me get it done with time drawing near

Not expecting my final grade for the course until next week
Surprised when I got home and my email took a quick peek
The instructor graded my last lesson with link to certificate
My final class score is 98% as evidence of God's hand in it

Since the class focused on A/P more from a managerial view
The textbook that I purchased online I will go back to review
For practical aspects to prepare for any agency test assessment
Hopefully by mid-January I will be ready to set up appointment

Online certificate can be emailed and is valid for a five year span
Payroll is a future class I may take, if I sense it to be God's plan
I want to be open to His leading for opportunities He has in store
As I have already seen, He holds the key to all open or shut doors

Carol S. 1/1/12

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