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 The Review of June Life in 2011
"The Review of June Life in 2011"
By Loi

27-2 de junio del 2011

Mi cumpleaños es una suerte malo.

Push Me Off-June 4, 2011

I prefer to follow the Christ, not the religious people.

Skin-June 6, 2011

The color of my skin is identified olive and is Hispanic. I'm Hispanic and I'm proud of my

Fast-June 7, 2011

The time is fast, which not a lot people are patient.

Submit a Poem-June 9, 2011

I wrote “I'm Happy” poem in 2008 and revised in 2011 and I sent it to Cleveland SOHO with a
small fee payment and I hope to win. If not happen, then I'll do my best next time.

Popular-June 11, 2011

Being popular is not going to happen because of the world won't offer. So which will you
choose, popular or Christian?

The Clothes Is Washed-June 12, 2011

Washing the clothes take an hour to do. And while washing it, I walked outside with a chilly
sun and I found the flower was white and beautiful. So I put it on my hair with my smile.

30 Minutes-June 15, 2011

I have to wait for the end of the conversation and then bring me to home.

Stuck With the Door-June 16, 2011

I couldn't go out with a nice weather because of I was stuck with the door and haven't yet to
fix it. What a day!

An Embarrassment of Me Carrying the Clothes-June 24, 2011

I carried the clothes and got to the wrong place. The bus driver and the man who stood outside
the Starbuck were laughing at me carrying the clothes. And plus, many people in the cars were
glancing at me pushing the cart. That was embarrassed.

My Weekend in Buffalo-June 28, 2011

I visited my old hometown of Buffalo and I saw my old friends. I miss them and Buffalo. I wish
that I stay in Buffalo for the rest of my life but that is not truly happen. Because of my
mother decided to leave Buffalo and her money is all gone. And it is the same thing as my
money, too.

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