once upon a time

Thinking about if I were a hen.
Would I be any happier then?
Head stuck between bars all day.
Hearing the clucking of a room full of females..
Bad enough  without listening to all their gossip.

I'm lodged in a shed and kept warm and fed.
Somebody cleans up and makes my bed.
Mabye not a bad way to live, being a hen.
To be honest, it’s not really what I yearn to be.
But I was just thinking, what would it be like if I were a hen?

This thought is entirely Billy’s fault.
Listening to him waffling on about his hens.
You’d imagine I’d learnt my lesson.
After him going on about his rascal of a dog.
Here I am this time writing if I were a hen.
I’d rather be free to scrabble and scratch round a yard
Than be a hen imprisoned in a battery pen.

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