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"Ever Sweet Love"

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Mixed with a taste of succulent fruit
Topped off with a shot of whipped cream
A dash of precious honey
And candied sprinkles too
The delicacy of a heartfelt dream

Red delicious apple
Slices, caramel dipped
Nectars of a heavenly treat
While savouring a chocolate mousse together
Two hearts collide
And unconditionally meet

Love flows, rivers wide, oceans deep
The dawning of a brand new day
Strawberry pieces, bananas pealed
Hearts grow fonder, two souls react
A trust without words spoken
The destined friendship forever sealed

The inception of smiles
Within the heart, and
Clearly felt upon their faces
Natures calling for all to see
A love evolved, and precisely
Dripped, in all the right places
Upon a canvas of soft silky skin
Poised right above the heart
The connection made of a broken link
With tender finger tip brush strokes
Scribing the emotions of I Love You
In the warmth of a melted chocolate ink

01/08/12 jt

 photo choc heart_zpsj6kgfje9.jpg

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`Ever Sweet Love`