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Meet Lola and Bella, the other two ladies who also run my home (LOL).
At least they think they do. Bella is a Domestic long hair who thinks
she is part human, we had rescued her 8 years ago during a very nasty
winter storm here and was an orphaned kitten, Lola is a Snowshoe from
the Siamese family, she thinks she is the the Queen of our household.
She was brought up here to Michigan by my daughter sometime in early
2002, she belonged to a girlfriend of my daughter who wasn't able to
keep her any longer. Lola was so grossly over weight, that the animal
shelter in Indiana said they would not be able to find a home for her
and would most likely have to put her to sleep because she was indeed
extremely over-weight. So then my daughter called to see if we would
please take her in so that she wouldn't be put to sleep by the animal
shelter down there in Indiana.

Well she knows Mom & Dad are two softies when it comes to cat's and
animals in general, so we agreed to take her but told her she would
have take the ride up here to bring her to us so she agreed to that.
Lola was grossly overweight and her girlfriend in Indiana just kept
giving her food every time she cried out and she was a real hefer by
the time we received her weighing in at over 12 pounds. So she had to
learn that we won't feed her each time she cried and now with smaller
and smaller portions she's slowly lost about a quarter of her weight.
She seems now to be adjusting well and she is happy, purring loudly
enough for the people back in Indiana to hear her.  She is a very
loving and wonderful cat and best of all she's still alive and well
and now once again she is very healthy again.

Bella also thinks she's human and she acts like a little two year
old in that terrible two's stage of life, but she's one of the most
lovable cats we have had over the years and she loves to be carried
around just like a baby who wants to constantly have human contact
and will chase after you if you set her down to try to get things
done. Just thought I'd share some of our pictures of our two girls
who keep things very interesting around here.


Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - All rights reserved - "2009".

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