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An Encounter with a wild animal-Continued

I had sleep less nights,
Lots of nightmares,
Muttering in the sleep,
Frightened and awake in sleep,
Tears were flowing from my eyes,
Unable to control the fear.

The days and  month have passed,
Did not want to go anywhere.
My brother visited me from home country,
We wanted to take him around,
To show the places in this country,
Slowly the memory faded away.

I know my brother is very fond
of animals,park ,birds etc,
He is a nature lover and photographer,
He told us about this safari and
would like to visit the park.

I know my brother will not go without me,
I am the younger sister for him,
He likes to take me everywhere with him,
I know he loves me a lot and he will not go without me.

In my mind the conflict started between yes and no
Lastly I decided to go with him.
I know the love for him taken away the fear from me,
I also know that if I do not go his feelings will be hurt,
I also know that if he is with us nothing will happen to me.

He will take care of me like a child.Lastly,
The fear ended and the love  has taken over.
with this incident I have learned a lesson.

If you have faith in God, and you love him,
The fear will run away from your mind,
and the courage and strength will appear,
When the God's power showers on you.

Author notes
28- Encounter with a wild animal. This is the continuation of the story to find out whether I revisited the park or not. I am still a coward or I regained the strength.This will illustrates what happened  and  how I regained the strength to visit the park.
I adore my brother. He is a father figure for me .I do not care when he is around. He looks after me like his own child. I can do anything without any fear.Sadly he died few years ago.The lesson I learned now is, if you have faith in God you will be able to face any difficulties with courage and strength.Same way I had the relationship with my brother.