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An encounter with a wild animal- Part 1

We as a family, went to the safari park,
We were travelling in our car in the park,
I saw signs telling us not to get out of the car,
They also put the notices saying
if you need help call this number.

We were laughing and joking in the car,
We never thought anything will happen,
But,things changed all of sudden,
All laughing and joking disappeared.

We saw an amazing picture outside,
A man was struggling with an animal in the park,
We could not believe our eyes,
We were flabbergasted.
There was an encounter with a wild animal,
We could not believe what we saw outside.

Later on we found that one man had got out
from his car and wanted to touch this animal,
He thought it won't harm him.
He went near and the animal was frightened,
In turn the animal attacked him.

His friends called for help and the help arrived ,
immediately and saved the man, but he was bleeding,
What we saw was that they were taking the animal
back to the tent ,and they were trained to do the job.

We were frightened, sad and did not want to spend,
the remaining day in the park.
We drove back home safe.
But I could not believe what I had seen in the park,
and I decided, I do not want to go to the park anymore,
after seeing the encounter with the wild animal.

Then I thought am I a coward ? Do I ever change my mind ?
I will let you know What happened in the next part of the poem.

Adikaran 25/12/11
Author notes
We recently visited the safari park and had seen an encounter with a wild animal in the park. We were frightened and did not wanted to go there again.I wrote this for a contest.My prompt is  N0:-28- "Encounter with a wild animal"