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Old age

I do not feel old,
my mind tells me I'm young.

Old age is inquisitive for me,
because the features of it,
varies from person to person.

Grey/ White hair
Poor eyesight and hard of hearing,
Wrinkles and Slower movements,
Weaker immune system and
cardigans because, a feeling of cold.
More likely to suffer from diseases.

No man is old who wanted,
to be joyful another day,
Need to do more and more
exercises and walking more.

Old age,it seems to me,
still so much to learn,share and do,
before my last breath.

Memory loss may not allow,
to do anything sensibly,
Because i like to wander
around on the roads, and
hospital corridors.

Adikaran 06/01/12.
Author notes
I am old but my mind does not accept it. I have a lot of medical problems due to this I am physically not feel good.I have described some of the features of  old age.