As a young woman to him
How I dream of tenderness
Of his hands on my back
Of a voice
That tells me it's okay
Not to worry
He won't be in a hurry
When he makes love to me
Teaching me again
About the woman in me
That has locked a part
Of herself up
In a world of touch less
Love because she had it
From what she perceives to be
The selfishness
Of the man she had before
Over three years ago
When she said no more
Giving up on the sensual parties
Dressed to a tee
To be all she could be
As a passionate person
With heat in her veins flowing
Going into a play
Where she was a Marilyn Monroe
For a time
In the bedroom of sublime
All for him
And he let it go
For pornography you know
Lost and afraid
She only takes men for friends
Never lovers again
Because it's way too harsh
She cannot be twenty
With plenty of looks
And giggles and smiles
There's been too many miles between
That twenty and fifty-five
Still wants to ride
On the land of man
With someone who will understand
How scared she is
Just to do it
Because she could not fit
Into someones life
As a wife
After eight years
All the tears
Sent her packing
To be lacking
Romantic want again
Thinking she will not serve a man
That way ever
Until she meets someone
Who seems to make her an endeavor
That could bring
Hope for both of us
If we just trust each other
A little
Get in the middle
On a bed
Under covers
Knowing we will be lovers
And it will again be all okay
That's the dream this old woman
Dreams for the
Young woman inside her mind
For many a day.

1/12/2012 1314 cj

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