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Restoration Period

My friend Heather told me she was on a minor mission of mercy, which inspired this.

Restoration Period

We have this little sewing machine,
Actually it was given to a friend.
Really its had better days and maybe
It is approaching its life's end;
For its jammed and it's rusty
And the body is all soiled
But this afternoon we are trying
To get the parts all well oiled.

For we have a little oil can
Full of the right lubricating stuff
And maybe we can sort it if
We lubricate the works enough
For it's a thing of ancient beauty
A memory of things that have been
So we hope our TLC session can
Restore our lovely sewing machine

and it worked which inspired this

Part the Second

There's a special joy in choir tonight
With exuberant voices proudly ringing
For after oil and TLC Mrs Robinsons old
Machine is again so sweetly singing
As it hems and it stitches
In lines so straight and true
We've learned from the experience
In the way sometimes you do
We wouldn't say we're graduates
But all in all we're proud as punch
For we got the whole thing sorted
Just in time to not delay our lunch
We'll keep a place in our hearts
For that brave sturdy machine
Just think of all those stitches
Through life it may have seen

thanks Heather - may all your causes be so sucessful, and your choir practices so rewarding

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Restoration Period