Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

All Saints Day

I'm scared of the shadows.
The ghouls with their candy apple lips gleam
In the soft light of the full moon.
I shuffle like a zombie starving for flesh.
I'm a demon shining headstones, looking for a way.
But they keep following, spooky little faces
With no bodies.
They don't wear the masks like I do,
Disappearing into the fog.
They give me candy.
Poisonous bits of knowledge I can't help but swallow down.
The toxins slink around my insides like a sleek black cat.
My skeleton shivers from within.
I don't bother to run anymore.
I feel more a ghost than ever and I fall into
The graveyard, like a monster being taken down.
The moonlight covers me like a blanket
And soon I am smothered like a mummy.
The October wind fades away and all saints come out to play.
The black is still warm, the orange slides across the sky,
Like melted butter falling from a dish.
My thoughts are spindly, like spider legs, and
I'm still scared of the shadows.


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All Saints Day

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