Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god


I feel everything to be melting from the one reality,
And cascading harshly into another...

His eyes are abyssal and they follow me everywhere,
Ringing horrid memories in my head like a bell.

I've cracked my heart and thrown it away
So he cannot pierce it again.
My damask soul, I cut it apart and evoke
Only the tenderest aspects of my hate
To rise up and warm my frozen state.

How many fathoms must I travel in order to
"Get over" this?

The lanes in life are invariable.
I've become jaundiced.
A coward who sees the world with these horrible
Kaleidoscope eyes that lance people with one glare.

I marvel at how slow it takes to heal,
This nascent person, perched on the finger of hell
And begging for sanctuary.

My turbid eyes close and I wish for a forever dream.
So many grays and everything falling away from me.
I wish it were all a vitreous world, so when it shattered,
You could hear it.


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