Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Dollars to donuts

The augury is blinding, as the
Day of the baphomets rises higher and
The curse consumes my soul.
No divine intervention, the shadows
Creep up on my ESP.
The fright is spider-crawling up my spine.
No grace upon my face,
This hellish cemetery
Throws irony as the shadows climb higher.
The birds caw a joker's laugh,
And I do away with karma and
Lament myself a liar.
I'm consumed by the mayhem of fire,
Dancing the nefarious shadows away
In an oracle created from
Passion and regret.
The quills I stab into my heart, like a
Voodoo doll, and kill the reincarnation.
The sabbath approaches and throws promises
At me like a live grenade; I'm twisted, trying to avoid
The Udjat that peers deep inside of me,
Ripping out vile rhyme and reason along the way.
The wicked will dream, and I will split,
Xylomancy working its way through me.
It is not yours to judge the reason why I escape, or even the how.
I hide my secrets in the zodiac, away from your plastic eyes.


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Dollars to donuts

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