Climb the highest mountain, punch the face of god

Took a leap of faith, fell on my ass

I used to dream,
Ambiguous in nature,
Mysterious at heart,
Till my dreams were
Crushed forever;
I cannot forgive monsters
Who take from children
Things that aren't theirs.

I believe in many things
But now in my world, ghosts
Are angels and wear the
Fragrance of death.

Can't you see the antipathy
Roll down my face like sweat
When heathens wander in?
Too perplexed by my appearance,
The fright that lives within
Cannot be seen by all.

Memory is so beautiful,
Even when it contains ugliness.
The ledge is thin and profound,
And I venture a leap of faith but
Can get nowhere no more.

The sound of scars healing,
The beating heart that scabs over
The abuse I've suffered pounds like
A threat I can't understand.

I used to dream and now, I haven't the
Life in me to continue doing that.


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Took a leap of faith, fell on my ass

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